NYC Property Management Company Services – Eliminate the Stress in Apartment Building Management!

The Reason You Bought an Apartment Building was Because it was a Good Financial Investment That Makes Sense.

When you own and self-manage an apartment building, you begin to really understand a part of the business that until now seemed easy. The hassle, the sheer amount of time, and the random inconveniences constantly coming up can be brutal sometimes. There is the need to deal with demanding tenants, the collecting of rents in a timely manner, taking care of the accounting, filling vacancies with qualified tenants, the hiring and supervising of plumbers, electricians, and contractors…

Is That What You Were Looking For When You Made the Decision to Get into Real Estate?

NYC Property Partners eliminated the stress of owning real estate, letting you get back to what you really want to be doing instead of managing the day-today.

Whether you have another business you should be more involved in, or you want to spend your time looking for other real estate investments to make, NYC Property Partners takes the day to day headaches off your back so you can focus on what you do best.

Unlike many other property management firms, we stress the NYC Boutique approach. This means we customize every management agreement based on your needs and the level of involvement you choose to take in the day to day management of your property. We are a partner in your success, doing what it takes to get you there!

Flat Rate Property Management Consulting

We have gotten some calls from smaller properties who requested “semi-management”; folks who want to collect the rents themselves, but want to tap into our guidance in areas like taking care of repairs, evictions, government paperwork, and many other things.

Then- we got the folks who are the opposite, they LOVE to play with their own pipes and tinker with the boiler… but hate paperwork and need someone else to handle that part! At NYC Property Partners, We take care of the parts that you don’t want to… letting you enjoy the labors you love and outsource the rest to our very capable hands.

By demand, we have a limited scale “management-less management” for properties of between 10-250 units, where for a per month flat fee per unit, entitles you to tap into our expertise and services on an as-necessary basis.

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Program fees vary based on location and size.

Delicate Handling of Court Situations with Non-Paying Tenants

When necessary to go to court with a tenant, we work with legal teams we trust and rely on. But, importantly, who also listen to us and our experiences and taking those into account when deciding, together, the right approach to each particular case.

Convenient Tenant Portal

We accept real estate rental payments from our tenants on our clients behalf in person, by mail, and online, using our online management portal. We continually strive to provide our clients with old world style management services, but updated with the latest improvements the industry has to offer. From our detailed breakdowns, our helpful suggestions that improve property value, and our making tenants have as smooth and seamless a rental experience as possible, we eliminate downtime and ensure happy tenants and landlords. This keeps vacancy rates low and the properties we manage at maximum profitability.

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