Hundreds of property management
companies operate within New York City.
NYC Property Partner is unique amongst them all.


Some Background about the people behind NYC Property Partners
NYC Property Partners is a bit of a unique name for a property management company, we know. In fact, some people mistaken our name for being that of a private partnership… and while our firm’s principals do own partnership interests in thousands of units across New York City, NYC Property Partners is actually a management firm—using the word partners to describe our company philosophy and how we treat the rental properties our clients entrust us with.

Our unique approach to the property management business is just that; we look at your building as if it were our own. We too, want a building that is profitable, with good tenant relations, and being careful as to where every expense goes and getting the best services available at competitive rates.

Our service is unique.

We offer a one on one relationship that allows our clients to be as involved and proactive as they choose to be. Our clients know that they can rely on our highly-trained, knowledgeable team to be attuned to the finest details of every property.