At NYC Property Partners, our goal is to make your property as profitable as possible, at no additional cost to you. The following scenarios are not isolated incidents. They are illustrations of events that often occur in property management, and they portray the way we do business. The results speak for themselves.

  • A fire broke out in an apartment building, causing a significant amount of damage. The assessed insurance reimbursement amply covered the cost of a contractor. NYC Property Partner bypassed the contractor and supervised the repair independently, utilizing mainly in-house labor. Ultimately, the property realized a savings of $40,000—profit that went straight into the property owner’s pocket. That month, the client was billed the standard, monthly fee as usual—nothing extra.
  • NYC Property Partner had been managing a property on oil heat for many years, to the landlord’s complete satisfaction. Nevertheless, when the utility company launched a gas conversion initiative, NYC Property Partner did not hesitate. After bringing the initiative to the owner’s attention and presenting a comprehensive breakdown of potential expenses and profit, NYC Property Partner went ahead with the conversion. Within one year, the property recouped the investment, and began to net a $30,000 savings on utility bills every year thereafter.
  • A long-term tenant was paying $900 per month while the prevailing rent for such an apartment was $3,500. By law, the tenant could not be evicted so long as the apartment was his primary residence. After discovering that the tenant was, in fact, residing elsewhere, NYC Property Partner placed strategic video cameras in the hallways and pursued the matter aggressively in court, ensuring that the owner would receive his rightful claim to a lucrative apartment.