NYC Property Partner is not your management company. It is your management partner!

A Management Company… A Partner…
Sees you as just one more customer on the roster. Sees you as an individual.
May treat your questions, suggestions and concerns as an imposition. Invites your input, respects your suggestions, and welcomes the opportunity to discuss every aspect of the business with you, in detail.
Has a formula for property management that handles every property just the same, assembly-line fashion. Sees your property as a uniquely individual investment, understands your investment goals, and designs a unique management plan accordingly.
Considers the job well done so long as the business is running smoothly. Constantly looks for ways to upgrade the property’s effectiveness and profitability.
Feels no need to search for additional methods of increasing your bottom line. Is always on the lookout for money-saving devices, and money-earning ideas.
Doesn’t want to be bothered any more than necessary—and certainly never after regular business hours. Feels a sense of personal responsibility that never goes on vacation—nights, weekends, holidays, and every other time.
Could never care for your property the way you’d care for it yourself. Cares for your property the way you would.