At NYC Property Partners, We Promise to Provide What Really Matters.

Things that Fall by the Wayside by Many Outside Management Firms, such as:

  • True, hands-on attention to detail
  • Regular, onsite visits to the property by a principal of our firm
  • Unsurpassed quality of service, like you’ve never seen (see our testimonials for proof of just how seriously we take this!)
  • A top-notch system of checks and balances, to ensure that nothing falls between the cracks; and
  • Availability to our clients and their needs – always.

We promise NEVER to…

  • Force you into a long-term contract.
  • Ignore phone calls. (you’d be surprised what “the industry” standard is about phone calls from owners.)
  • Withhold any information. It’s your property and you deserve to know what is going on.

And We Guarantee that…

  • You will keep your partnership with us going because you want to… never because you were forced to.With no long-term contracts that can make clients feel claustrophobic, the decision to use us and keep your relationship with us comes solely from your satisfaction, and nothing else. because that’s what matters most!


Want to know more?
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