Mei Kat Sui NYC

I travel a lot and having rental units to manage on my own has been a full time job at times. I hired NYCPP about a year ago and have never look back. It’s the best money a landlord would ever spend. They are responsive and knowledgeable in almost all building related issues and having them on-board means I can be away without worries. Manny and his team bring a network of professional connections that a small size operation lacks. I am also very impressed at their attentiveness to our small size operation and their professionalism in handling all tenant related issues/complaints.

Todd Rothenberg, Esq.

In my experience, it is truly rare when a management company is as knowledgeable of the complexities and nuances of NYC Housing Law as is NYC Property Partners.  Their in depth knowledge and experience insure that the decisions they make help streamline the legal process and permit a better outcome than when working with an entity who without their professionalism.  The truth is that sometimes when we are discussing strategy regarding a particular property issue with a tenant, I can forget that I’m talking to a managing agent and not a fellow attorney.

Even on the more routine matters, they are on top of every case to ensure their clients have the best possible outcome while maintaining a professional working relationship with all.

As a midsized NYC landlord tenant attorney who deals with thousands of cases a year personally, I know and trust Manny and his team.  If I have clients looking for management my first recommendation is always NYC Property Partners, I would trust them with my buildings, as much as I trust them with my reputation in recommending them.

Joseph T

I’m not what one would call an “absentee owner.” Having a 50 unit property in Manhattan, it’s important to me to be involved with my property “hands-on”– and the management company I used to use simply wasn’t doing it right.

Back in 2012, I took the plunge and switched management companies over to NYC Property Partners– and Have never looked back…

We discuss strategy and goals on a regular basis– and monthly reports are delivered like clockwork every month. My building is more profitable than it ever was, and I am relaxed knowing that things are being handled properly….